Removalists Company Melbourne and the Effective ‘Box Method’ Packing

When removal is on cards, the first and foremost thing is to get organized. Get systematic, discard things that are broken or are no longer required. This will help you gain control before relocation and you will not end up paying removal charges to Removalists Company Melbourne for moving stuff that is redundant.

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Listed below is a simple and easy way to get organized.

As an expert Removalists Company Melbourne, we follow the box method for getting organized. Once you sit down to clean and organize your space, place four boxes namely:

  1. Utilities
  2. Discard
  3. Donate
  4. Repair

Step into the first room and clean and clear one drawer, shelf or counter per session. Give yourself plenty of time and do not hurry up things.

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  • Things that are useful and important, place them in the first box ‘Utilities’.
  • Items that are broken and cannot be repaired, reused, recycled should be discarded. So, place them in the box named ‘Discard’.
  • There might be things that are in good condition but chances are that you’ll not use them. Clothes that don’t fit well, gifted items that weren’t used, books that are not of your interest or ones that you’ve already read, seasonal items that will be no longer be required in the area you are moving to. Do not pack and move such stuff as all you will do is pay packing and moving cost. Put them in the box named ‘Donate’. Organize a garage sale at the end of your cleaning session and earn some quick bucks. You may also give them to charity or pass on to friends and family who might need them.
  • You might also come across items that need repair. Place them in the ‘Repair’ box and get them fixed before moving. But be realistic – if you are unlikely to use it even after fixing it, discard it.

It is important that each box is clearly marked and labeled. Using color codes helps. Mark box with fragile and breakable items clearly and be extra cautious while packing and moving them.

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